Know of any fab cafes in and around Cornwall that would like to host a meeting? I’ve had interest in Falmouth (so that’s Falmouth, Liskeard, St Agnes, Lostwithiel already.)

These are the important requirements:

Most of us have cars/can car share, but let’s not assume, on a bus/train route would be helpful

Physically accessible. Places up or down stairs shouldn’t be discounted, but I will need to know in advance so I can make sure people know and if that’s a problem, deal with that appropriately. I don’t want to discriminate.

Quality coffee.

Extraordinary cakes.

Independents! Why not help local business along our merry way?

And space for us to sit together and chat.*

*When we have speakers, we will look to community centres etc.

Have a think, let me know! Dates coming soon…


Social marvellousness.

About 6 or 7 RTs on Twitter within minutes of asking and shared on Facebook, too! Interesting comments – lots of creative types in such and such an area, and an expression that I immediately recognised ‘network jaded’ (can I get an amen?!)

I’m a fairly confident woman, I’ll talk to most people, but there’s something about networking that chills me to my core (forgive the flair for the dramatic, but this is for creatives by a creative) so I’m trying to strike the balance between club and network. I don’t want people to feel awkward, feel they have to sell themselves or worse, justify the work they do. Similarly, people need to get something out of this.

The challenge is set…



Not another network?!

There are many networks in existence, why start another one? Good question, and hopefully adaquately answered in the About section, but please do contact me if you have any questions, queries, ideas or suggestions.

Meeting times with be either 10am or 11am, and take place around Cornwall (suggestions so far: Liskeard, Lostwithiel and St Agnes. Fairly sure I’ll do one in Truro and if asked, further down too.)

I think it’s too grand to say I have a mission statement but I do have a vision. I want these events to well attended, genuinely useful, responsive and informal. I’d love to see partnerships and shared working spring up – let’s support each other and cement Cornwall’s reputation for being creative, inspired and visionary… and let’s not forget the coffee and cake!

Thanks for checking out the blog, Allison