Tipple, p2.

I’ve spoken to Bosue wine who after checking the diary, have actually suggested 12 July for our tasting and tour. Please let me know ASAP whether you would like to come along, and how many places. Email info@allisonlivingstone.co.uk by Monday please, so we can get all booked in!


Crowdfund film.

To apply for funding from Crowdfunder, it’s recommended that you submit a short film, and this is it. Nothing fancy, just a straightforward assessment of why this network matters. I would have loved to work with other people on this, after all, this network is about collaboration! However, time was very much against us, and a couple of people I did approach were eyebrow deep in deadlines.

The Cornwall Crowdfund campaign launches on the 3rd June, and pitches need to be in by tomorrow to be checked over. We could have (and still could) submit something more polished, at a later date, but we will miss the increased publicity and press that will accompany the Cornwall campaign. So all I can say is enjoy, donate, fund, join, eat, laugh and share. Thanks.

An award-winning tipple.

Bosue is a small, award-winning vineyard near St. Austell and we have a chance to do a ‘social’ early evening tasting and tour for only £7.50 p/p, which is fantastic value, I’m sure you’ll agree. There will also be a chance to purchase their wonderful wine, as well.

If you’re interested, please email me on info@allisonlivingstone.co.uk. I’m thinking Friday the 21st June from 6pm or the following week, Friday the 28th. However, if another date suits, or people want to make suggestions, let me know.

It should be for members (I know that term doesn’t have much validity at the moment without a proper membership scheme) but it’s an event for people who are part of, or who have already shown an interest in, this network. Or in other words, if you have no interest in the network, you can’t just come along to this. Sorry! However, partners would be most welcome.

Please let me know by Monday 3rd June, and I’ll talk to Bosue.

Liskeard on the list.

Liskerrett Community Centre have confirmed our meeting on the 15 August in Liskeard. There will be a tour of the artists studios, and I will also be arranging a guest speaker as well.

They have a wonderful cafe on site, but we’ll actually be using one of their meeting rooms called the Doniert – however, we can take food and drinks into the room.

Remember, you can search for the full list of when and where we are meeting by putting “on tour” in the search box.

Copyright: AL Photography

Copyright: AL Photography

Group hug.

The first meeting has taken place! Dun, dun, dah…

And it was lovely! Follow (if you don’t already) Webb Street Co., Westside Stories, Choclette, Gingham Chicken (and me, Click_Write) because they’re doing some very cool stuff and had really exciting ideas to connect and promote the towns we work in.

Sadly, deadlines forced a couple of people to send apologies, we’ve all been there! See you next time.

I think it was fair to say we were all wondering what we were letting ourselves in for. Thank mackerel, we all hate networking, so there was none of this thrusting I’ve spoken of at length about before, and we just had a laugh and some fine cake.

Apricot slice

One of the things that was discussed is when a proper membership scheme is set up, about offering each other discounts, and so far there’s been a great response. If you’d like to be part of that, let me know. I’m happy to offer 10% off, for example, for members of the FiveC’s.

So a big thank you to everyone that came, I hope you enjoyed it. And thank you whomever made my apricot slice, it was lovely.

Now will you think me very vain for uploading this pic? Remember I told you I’d won a stall at the Royal Cornwall Show? (Pay attention at the back.) Well, they’ve started doing some publicity. I like how it just says, come and meet me as if, frankly, that was more than enough! And you’d be damn welcome to, but you can also talk to me about writing, photography, marketing, comms and anything you like really.

Outset picture