Little Wonders…

Another member, Samphire Gallery is raising funds for their fantastic new project Little Wonders, a collection of short stories. Please check it out and support if you can.


Newquay fights back with sunshine and lobster.

Cool little film commissioned by the tourist office about what Newquay should be about, not it’s current image of marauding groups of men and women, p*ssed and shouty.

What do you think? I think the sun doesn’t sun quite that much 😉 But I think it’s a fab effort.

Reef Films are the team behind it. Perhaps they’d like to join our network? 🙂

Bona to varda your Dolly old eek.

Well, back in the land of the living. The Royal Cornwall Show was great but I needed several days to recover! I also really, really, REALLY hated that bloody robot. Yes I’m scared of robots and don’t care who knows it! (Well, maybe just a little bit…)

So we meet again on the 4 July. (Cowboy hats optional. Can you hear me over the blare of cheap cultural stereotyping?!) This time all the way down in Falmouth at the fabulous Dolly’s tea room.

I was specifically asked to do a Falmouth meeting, so please spread the word. Share and tweet this, drop an email to people who might be interested, run through the streets of Falmouth with only a sandwich board and a cheeky grin if you must!

Once again, I can offer three people a lift coming from Liskeard. Let me know! If you have space in your car, post a note here, please.

I’m also looking to highlight particular projects, so let me know: work in a new gallery, working on a big project, have a film or website to publicise, anything you like, lets whack it on here.

Remember, this isn’t just about meeting, but promoting our work. Nothing to small or too large!

Finally, we are not doing well with our Crowdfunder campaign. No donations yet. I am a little disappointed but genuinely not surprised. I have been told by two people they will be donating, and if people can afford it, I’m really very grateful. Samphire Gallery have also confirmed that they will offer a very special one-off print for the £100+ donators. Thank you so much for that.

We are just not attracting the support and attention needed really to make a splash. But fear not cakers, we will continue, unbowed and undaunted. Where there is cake, there is hope!

Until the next time…

Radio silence. Ish.

‘Scuse lack of updates. I’m preparing for the biggest show I’ve ever done, the Royal Cornwall Show. I’m there on Saturday (stand 394!) So that’s my focus until after the weekend. I have to say, I admire anyone that can do the whole three days, it’s pretty full on and exhausting preparing for one day!

Please remember to RT and share, the network’s Crowdfunder campaign. Only 27 days to go and so far, no funding. But on the plus side, a lot more people know about the network and even more should after Saturday as I’ve done some FiveC’s leaflets. It was always going to be hard to fund a network, and I think we’re seeing that a little bit. But still, there’s a few weeks left, work still to do, and am hopeful that we can pull in some dough!

PS. Please visit me on Saturday, I’m doing a free prize draw with wine, chocolates, fudge, a limited edition print, and greetings cards!