A new kind of network that concentrates on connecting ‘creatives’ with quality coffee, gorgeous cakeage, and each other!

There are many good networks that exist, I’m not trying to replace what is already there, I’m trying to create something new specifically around the creative industries.


  • Cornwall is crawling with creatives, but we often work alone or in small groups which can be very isolating
  • Those working in rural communities may face geographic isolation
  • Most face some kind of struggle to a greater or lesser extent: getting new work, recognition, low pay, support, balancing day job with the work we love for the sake of paying bills..?!
  • Most Networks tend to be a fairly broad church based on geography, small business or gender. This has value, but we may face very different challenges
  • They also tend to be early morning (before 9am) or early evenings, which may not suit everyone
  • They tend to be ‘suitish’ (no, it’s not a word before you ask) whereas creatives tend to be, well, in my case, a bit scruffy. But personal clothing choices aside, we are more likely to be in jeans than suits, I think it’s fair to say…

Personally I also find networking quite a pressure to be interesting and engaging. And have been known to stare into my drink wondering what I’m doing there.

This is about sitting down and sharing our stories and our challenges. Find opportunities to work together and help each other out. To promote our work and to have a bit of a laugh.

It will start very informally. The first meeting with be at the Duchy Nursery cafe in Lostwithiel (date and time tbc) and there will be no set format other than introductions and a bit of chat and cake. I want to find out what you would find useful. If you would like specific support, and whether you’d like to do some of the organising.

The eventual aim is to have speakers and to go to a different cafe/restaurant/community centre every six weeks.

Who can come?








… basically anyone that works in a creative industry and considers themselves, that slightly ‘catch all’ phrase, a creative!

You can email me on info@allisonlivingstone.co.uk, visit my website http://www.allisonlivingstone.co.uk or follow me on Twitter Click_Write (I may well get a Network specific Twitter profile, but for now, it’s just me).


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