Oh deary me.

Morning all, I took the decision to cancel today’s meeting after not hearing back from ANYONE.

Like you guy’s, I have a lot of work on at the moment and felt it would be very frustrating to turn up and be the only person there. I really don’t mind the peaks and troughs, it’s hard to get a network going. People have a lot of demands on their time, but it would be good if people communicated their intentions at least…

A text system? An email a few days before? Perhaps we should just concentrate on one venue for the time being; how about the Duchy Nursery for the next few meets?

Let me know. I’d really like the next meeting to go ahead, but need to know if people can make it.

Sorry for any disappointment. I found out this morning there was one person who could make it, and I hate to think they feel let down.

Any other comments, also very welcome.

Next meeting

Hi cakers, can you confirm whether people can make THIS Thurs meeting, if not, we’ll need to cancel. Let me know ASAP.


Can’t win ’em all!

Sorry for having to cancel yesterday’s meeting. I had a deadline to provide some copy for a client, and too many people couldn’t make the meeting. Had it been a bit more local to me (Liskeard) I might have gone and worked in the cafe, in case anyone turned up, but in the end I simply couldn’t. And if you’re wondering, I did make my deadline!

Thanks to Dolly’s for their support, and I will be in soon, pretending to order cakes for ‘friends’ who then mysteriously don’t turn up so I have to eat the lot *cough*

We can reschedule a Falmouth date at some point.

Our next meeting is in Liskeard, with a tour of the artists studios. Please put this in your diaries: Thursday 15th August. From time to time, meetings will get cancelled, or rescheduled, but two in a row would be really unfortunate…